Introduction of AFP

The U.S.-China Agriculture and Food Partnership is a public coordinator for bilateral food and agricultural cooperation between the United States and China with support from governments in both countries. The AFP was created with the support of the U.S. and Chinese governments to continue in the tradition of the Agricultural Symposium that was a centerpiece of then-Vice President Xi Jinping's visit to Iowa in February 2012.


AFP’s mission is to link U.S. and Chinese public, private, and non-governmental organizations (NGO) across the agricultural and food supply chain in order to advance mutual food security, food safety, and agricultural sustainability through the promotion of cooperative activities between the United States and China and optimal practices in both countries. Since its formal establishment in September 2013, AFP has over 30 members, comprised of U.S. companies and non–profit industry cooperators. Together with Chinese industry and government partners, AFP working groups organize and coordinate cooperative activities with Chinese partners in public and private sectors from policy/technical round tables, demonstration projects, training programs, etc.

Successful programs in 2016 organized by AFP include: China-U.S. Agriculture and Food Seminar at the 27th Joint Commission and Commerce and Trade attended by Vice Premier Wang Yang, Minister of Agriculture, Han Changfu, and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture [U.S.], the G20 Agricultural Entrepreneurs Forum, U.S.-China Meat Industry Executive Roundtable, CFDA Senior Leaders Food Safety Training Workshop, National Silage Training Workshop, etc.

Key 2017 programs included: Food Safety Senior Leadership Training for the China Food and Drug Administration [U.S.], U.S.-China Agriculture and Food Value Chain Technologies U.S. Study Tour, Assessment of Existing Cold/Value Chain Standards, Regulations and Practices, Development Of Cold/Value Chain Industry Standard/Policy Operation Handbook and Certification, Cold Chain/Food Value Chain Standards Workshops, 2nd U.S.-China Meat Industry Executive Roundtable and 2nd Beef Cattle Breeding Technical Symposium, Plant Breeding Innovation Meeting, MOA IP Trip to the US, etc.


AFP members engage in cooperative dialogue and joint projects with Chinese industry and policy makers through industry-based working groups. Current AFP working groups cover the following sectors: Seed, Precision Agriculture, Feed and silage, Livestock, Meat Processing, Retail and distribution. The overall direction and programs of the AFP are guided by a Board of Directors, which is currently composed of nine members from senior leadership of major organizations in the agriculture and food industry. To demonstrate the benefit of U.S.-China bilateral engagement in agriculture and food industries, AFP also issues a series of publications to document the efforts and results of cooperation between the two countries in both public and private sectors. AFP publications provide an essential platform to showcase the initiatives of AFP and its members as a reflection of the broader collaboration between U.S. and China.