Plant Breeding Innovation Roundtable Discussion

plant breeding rt.jpg
There is an increasing need in plant breeding technology to find alignment on policies to prevent a patchwork of regulations like we are seeing with biotechnology. Therefore, the Chinese National Seed Association (CNSA), the Chinese National Seed Trade Association (CNSTA) and the International Seed Federation (ISF) with the support of AFP are hosting a closed-door roundtable discussion to:
• Gain better understanding of the domestic situation in China - both in research and government policy-- around gene editing 
• To facilitate a dialogue around the needs of public researchers and private developers
• To foster a dialogue among government officials on policy approaches  
Program Overview:
The event will take place in Beijing on December 13-14. Participants include from China include leaders from the MOA departments including the Seed Management Bureau, Science & Technology & Education Division and Science & Technology Development Center and Chinese Research Institutes, including CAAS and CAU. 
Program Outcomes:
• Better understanding of China’s current work and policy around gene editing
• Open dialogue among government officials on policy approaches
• Movement towards alignment on policies that will foster plant breeding innovation globally