2nd U.S.-China Meat Industry Executive Roundtable

There has been a need from both China and U.S. to find a platform that fills the gap for engagement outside of one-on-one settings and singular topics. This executive roundtable seeks to promote authentic and transparent dialogue between government and industry leaders, allowing for an unimpeded exchange of views on both sides.
Program Overview:  
The event was held on Oct. 16th in Qingdao, with 44 organizations/59 high-level executives attending. Participating organizations included the following: U.S. and Chinese government, Chinese and International associations and leading enterprises along the whole meat value chain. China had 14 senior representatives (Chairman and Vice Presidents) from 13 leading meat companies and organizations, including Ershang Group/ Goldkinn Group/ Shanghui Group/ New Hope Group/Henan Zhongpin/ Grand Farm and JD.com etc.
The roundtable featured four keynote speeches from both sides and a panel discussion by 14 key decision makers of leading U.S. and Chinese companies, to exchange ideas and identify key challenges in advancing our mutual goal of food safety, food security and sustainable agriculture in today's meat sector development in China. 
The roundtable was a huge success in terms of scope and influence, with 26 major industry players from both sides across the meat sector participating.
Program Outcomes: 
"Such exchange platform has filled the gap for U.S.-Chinese engagement outside of one-on-one settings regarding singular topics. In fact, opinions from market leaders and consumers are very critical and helpful for companies’ development." Huang Weizhong, Deputy Director, Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture
"More meetings like this Executive Roundtable are needed for more discussion opportunities, more communication, studying and mutual understanding." Steven Yu, Regulatory Affairs Director, Ecolab
Other outcomes included:
• Strengthening U.S. and China commercial relationships through direct communication and clarification of issues that have been bottlenecks to business breakthrough on both sides
• Development of new contacts and tangible sales leads with suppliers and stakeholders that are part of building the cold chain in China
• Engaging in discussions to help U.S. meat exports further develop within the Chinese market
The event was a remarkable success and we anticipate that an AFP “Supply-Chain Subcommittee” will be formed, which includes (but is not limited to) NAMI, Swire, Ecolab, USMEF, Informa Economics, Sealed Air,  and other major international leading organizations, to work together across the whole supply chain and to further develop their partnerships. 
Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this sub-committee.