Technical Seminar on Food Safety Standards

U.S.-China Technical Seminar on Food Safety Standards in Meat Industry With MARA


Meeting Overview:  

· Brought together U.S. and China food safety regulators (USDA and MARA), industry experts and companies throughout the meat value chain to discuss standards and regulation development. 

· Wrap up of 2019 meetings and launch into 2020 programs  

· 61 attendees, including high-level administrators (Deputy Director General, Deputy Director, Directors, Administrator) and executives (President, General Manager, Vice Presidents) from  

  • 3 U.S. government agencies (USDA FAS, USDA FSIS, USTDA)  
  • 4 Chinese government departments (MARA, CFSA)  
  • 19 Chinese companies and associations  
  • 14 U.S. companies and associations  

· Received commitment from MARA to collaborate with U.S. and Chinese industry on two workstreams to promote a more consistent and effective setting and implementation of standard policies for the meat industry in China  

  • Standards communication platform to promote more effective standard setting and implementation in the meat industry  
  • Meat supply chain demonstration pilot to improve slaughtering process control, inspection and verification.  

Meeting takeaways:  

· MARA appreciated USDA FSIS Administrator Rottenberg’s introduction of FSIS’s capabilities and updates, which were very beneficial and helpful for China counterparts to learn from.  

· U.S. and China have a common goal of ensuring food safety and public health. Both sides desire to move towards aligning and harmonizing with global/international standards.  

· China government and industry expressed strong desire to learn more from the U.S. in the following areas:  

  • Risk assessment and standard setting in slaughtering  
  • Process control, inspection standards and verification  

· Key next step, CMA/AFP to begin to develop proposals within each area