China Food Value Chain Reverse Trade Mission (RTM)


Purpose of this RTM (reverse trade mission) was to bring major stakeholders from entire China Food Value Chain to observe and learn US food safety system and best practices, as well as promote US exports to China. The Chinese delegation renewed their impression of food safety, and upon returning to China, urged their colleagues to raise industry and consumer awareness around food safety. This program has gained support as one of the first food safety programs across whole food value chain in 2017, and AFP is looking forward to more collaboration programs with Chinese partners, as well as more engagement with NHFPC on Food Safety Policy/Standards setting and regulation. 

• 3 CH govt officials: NDRC, NHFPC, MOT
• 4 cities: Houston, Bentonville, Milwaukee, Chicago
• 5 AFP members: Walmart, Tyson, Cargill, OSI, US cold/Swire
Among the 12 Chinese Industry leaders were China's leading meat processing companies, the largest logistic company in China with no.1 international freight business, the largest 3PL company in China, the no.1 fresh food e-commerce company in China (which Alibaba invests in) and the no.1 retailer in China (CRV), as well as representatives from leading companies that are state-owned and private-owned.