U.S.-China Food Safety Technical Forum with SAMR

29 October, 2019 Beijing, China


  • First technical seminar under the framework of the 5-year Public-Private Partnership MOU between AFP and SAMR that will unite public, private and non-governmental leaders to increase cooperation between China and U.S. in the areas of food safety and quality.
  • Rare opportunity to gather U.S. and China regulators, industry experts and companies throughout the food supply chain to share updates in the following areas:
    • Food safety regulation and inspection systems
    • Food safety coordination along entire supply chain
    • Social governance of food safety
  • 81 attendees included high-level administrators (Deputy Director General, Deputy Director and Directors) and executives (President, General Manager, Vice Presidents) from:
    • 13 Chinese government departments (SAMR, MARA, GACC)
    • 3 U.S. government agencies (USDA FAS, FDA, FDA China)
    • 26 Chinese companies and associations
    • 21 U.S. companies and associations

Meeting Takeaways

  • The success of social governance and public-private partnerships (PPP) come from partners who have shared interests, see benefits and want to work together to promote food safety.  Successful PPPs deliver programs that produce shared results benefitting the whole partnership.
  • This meeting marked the beginning of a technical and cultural exchange for China and the U.S. to work together in PPPs to help achieve China’s food safety goals.
  • The international/bilateral PPP effort will not be easy, but with collective interests, there are great opportunities for engagement and education, supplementing the government to government and business to business work that is already happening in food safety.
  • Key next step is to align U.S., Chinese industry and SAMR on workplans from the MOU.