Membership Benefits



There are three types of membership affiliation in AFP, each with varying degrees of benefits and expectations.

1. Founding Membership
2. General Membership
3. Strategic Partnership

Rights and Benefits 

1. Founding Members and General Members have access to the following:

  • Branding Rights- Members will be recognized in all AFP promotional materials.
  • Information Sharing- Periodic communications include bi-monthly co-chair updates and other updates including activities, outreach, and other information.
  • Membership Activities –Includes engagement in all AFP General Membership Meetings, Task Forces and Industry Working Groups on voluntary basis.
  • Voting Rights- In AFP programming, staffing, including election of Board of Directors

2. Strategic Partners can participate in our annual flagship events, relevant projects and working groups by invitation only.


1. Founding Membership - To be eligible for exercising exclusive rights of Founding Members, AFP members shall make both a one-time payment of “Founder’s Contribution” and the annual membership fees. All organizations that have paid “Founders Contribution” at the 2013 rate structure are forever recognized as Founding Members.

2. General Membership - Open to all relevant organizations in the agriculture and food industry in both countries. To apply for AFP general membership, please contact AFP Secretariat at

3. Strategic Partnership - With the nomination from AFP members or working groups, and approval from both working group leads and the Board, Chinese and non-Chinese organizations can join AFP as strategic partners. Strategic partners do not need to pay membership dues, yet can make their respective contribution to AFP on a program/project basis.

For more information regarding joining AFP, please contact:

AFP Staff

TEL: +8617701088126

FAX:   +8610 8519 0899


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