Membership Benefits

Engage at any level – from policy/regulatory to commercial/market access

The AFP platform allows U.S. companies to engage with U.S.-Chinese governments and industry on areas of mutual needs, from policy and regulatory issues to technical capacity building and business development programs. Designed to advance the needs of U.S. industry in China, AFP programs have pursued improvement in industry standards and are targeted, multi-year and include executive forums, U.S. study tours, trainings, workshops, roundtables, and regular internal working meetings

To achieve ROI, programs are integrated and tied to MOUs and annual workplans vs. one-off activities. Case studies and pilots bring conversations and discussions to a practical, implementation level. In this way, true systems level impact is achieved.










Industry representation/advisory role with U.S. and Chinese governments and industry associations

Membership in AFP provides U.S. companies a neutral, industry-wide representation with government agencies and industry associations that a single association or company cannot provide. Being a member of AFP can be complementary to an individual company’s government affairs approach, providing another channel of engagement and influence.

AFP members play an important leadership/advisory role in ongoing dialogue on standards, technology and best practices with Chinese industry and associations and they have an opportunity to represent industry on advisory and project committees and select VIP/closed door meetings with U.S. and Chinese government officials. Most importantly, AFP members provide strategic input into yearly plans and engagement with Chinese government and industry.

AFP and Chinese counterparts in different sectors serve as key facilitators of programs and projects with industry, associations and other stakeholders in coordination with government agencies.