AFP General Member Meeting in Washington, DC

AFP General Member Meeting in Washington, DC.jpg

On May 24, U.S. based AFP members and friends met in Washington DC to discuss planning and programs for 2018-2019. 

Meeting Discussion Covered:
•Informed U.S. members on the latest developments in bilateral relationship as well as discussed Chinese State Council restructuring
•Strategized how members and AFP can work together to provide continuity and find opporutunities in transition 
•Reviewed past programs and discussed upcoming programs. Identified additional potential areas of collaboration between working groups

Meeting Outcomes:

•Reinforced AFP as a platform that is flexible and able to provide continuity during transitions given current bilateral environment
•Opportunity for AFP to be involved with reconnection/re-engagement program organized with USDA once China government reorganization is settled, hopefully Fall 2018 with both government to government and Public/Private components
•Shared perspectives on China government restructuring:

  • Goal to be more efficient, less bureaucratic 
  • Quasi-government organizations are now being made more independent, not tied to specific ministries, beginning to look similar to U.S. structure 
  • Chinese Industry Associations (CMA, CNSA) have potential to be more influential, could have an increased role in standard making and industry recommendation to government, similar to AFP partners like ASTA, NAMI, etc.
  • China industry and ministries are ultimately looking at global supply chain

Call to Action:
•Follow-up meetings are being scheduled with partners/stakeholders to design programs (topics, locations, speakers) and determine level of engagement (resources and sponsorship)