Walmart and AFP Agricultural and Trade Forum in DC

Walmart and AFP Agricultural and Trade Forum in DC.jpg

On May 21, Walmart and AFP hosted the Agricultural and Trade Forum at Georgetown University in Washington DC.


  • Gather key stakeholders along whole supply chain from the U.S. and China, including companies, NGO sector, and governmental stakeholders in order to:
    • Highlight the significance of food and agricultural trade between China and the U.S.
    • Underscore the importance of food safety, improved traceability, transparency, and trust in the food system

Program Overview:

  • May 21, 2018, Georgetown University, Washington DC
  • Three panel discussions:
    • Panel 1 - Technological and Educational Innovation to Improve Food Safety and Security
    • Panel 2 - Opportunities for Public-Private Cooperation
    • Panel 3 - US-China Engagement and Trade in Food and Agriculture Products
  • Over 100 participants representing industry, NGO sector, government and education
  • AFP members and partners who participated – NAMI, OSI Group, ADM, Tyson, FAEA, Smithfield, Corteva Agriscience, ASTA, Walmart
  • Key non-industry representatives included – VIP Mr. Chen Junshi, Members of Chinese Embassy from GACC (former AQSIQ) and SAMR (former CFDA) who affirmed the value and quality of the event and expressed need for additional forums.

Program Outcomes/Messages:   

  • Important to find ways to facilitate and improve food collaboration system; aid policy makers and supervision bodies to drive real food safety solutions through meaningful collaboration and systemic improvement
    • This will create  systems and transparency to ultimately build trust and confidence between government, industry and consumers.
  • Challenge is beyond science. Food safety issues in a complex global supply chain can't be simply solved by relying solely on technological solutions, the food safety process must still be designed and led by people
  • Ways to facilitate food trade:
    • Expand and strengthen international collaboration - Dialogue, new technology, and forums for capacity building, including role of associations
  • All panel discussions underscored the importance of cross-sector and cross-department collaboration